The flat sandstone plateau of Table Mountain is approximately 3km wide and has become the signature of Cape Town. The plateau, is flanked by Lion’s Head to the West and Devil’s Peak to the East. It’s highest point, Maclears Beacon, rises to 1085m above sea level and overlooks the city of Cape Town and is edged by dramatic cliffs. The clouds that often hangs over the peak is fondly known as the Table Cloth by locals. This trademark profile adorns post cards and logos across South Africa and has become Cape Town’s unique trait.

Table Mountain National Park has an extraordinarily rich biodiversity. The Cape Floral Region mainly consists of indigenous fynbos with an estimated 2200 species confined to Table Mountain itself. Many are endemics only found in this region and many are threatened and protected species. These protected areas form part of a World Heritage Site to protect this unique habitat. Patches of indigenous forest can also be found in the wetter ravines. Many animals inhabit the slopes of Table Mountain including dassies, porcupines, mongooses, tortoises and snakes as well as more secretive creatures like the caracal and the African Wild Cat. The indigenous Klipspringers have recently been reintroduced to replace exotic species and restore the balance in this unique biosphere.

Table Mountains’ charisma has always drawn people to the top, The Table Mountain Aerial Cableway has made it effortless to reach the top, while the adventurous still take to hiking or climbing it’s many routes. The Cableway has attracted more than 20-million visitors since its launch in 1929. The plateau offers panoramic views and activities to suit the entire family. From the top you can visit the café, souvenir shop, abseil or relax with a glass of champagne. The mountain and views offer a hiker’s, nature lovers and photographers paradise. The upper cable station offers views overlooking the whole of Cape Town, Table Bay, the historic Robben Island and the Atlantic Seaboard.

Table Mountain is so spectacular with it’s stunning views, history, culture and fauna and flora that it is in the running to become one of the New7Wonders of Nature. Table Mountain is a national treasure that inspires locals and many stories, photographs, painting abound surrounding myths, history and the landscape. Travellers from far and wide are never disappointed by the magic the mountain holds in tales, views and sheer magnificence.

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