Since the beginning of first season this soap opera,Gossip Girl Show Online Articles Gossip Girl, wins lots of popularity. Gossip Girl is a teen drama revolves around the lives of privileged young adults on Manhattan’s Upper East Side in New York City. It is based on the book series of the same name written by Cecily von Ziegesar, and premiered on The CW on September 19, 2007.

The main story is talking about the school life, complicated love relationship, and social politics of the main characters, Serena, Blair, Chuck, Nate, etc. In this drama, drinking, promiscuity, drug abuse seem to be very normal and common, just like a piece of cake, among high school students. Meanwhile, “blog” and “SMS” have become an indispensable part of their life.

Gossip Girl brings audience new vision and elements comparing with other similar teen drama, which makes it a fresh and interesting TV Show. Of course, it is contributed to the success shaping of the peripheral role—they have been described as “gray”, that swings between good and evil, or can not simply match with good and evil, but not simply described as “black” or “white”, which increases the conflicts between the two central characters, Serena and Blair.

One of the most interesting elements of this show is that each episode begins and ends with the blog page of Gossip Girl, and coming after the voice of the never appeared narrator. She begins the recap with the sentence “Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite”, and ends the recap with whispered voices saying “Where has she been?” “Serena” then the voice says, “And who am I? That’s one secret I’ll never tell, you know you love me xoxo Gossip Girl”. The ending word, XOXO, becomes one of the most fashionable messages among young blood on Facebook or SMS.

On November 10th, the eighth episode of season 4, “Juliet Doesn’t Live Here Anymore” has premiered on. And a familiar love triangle reappeared as we saw Nate and Dan still pining for the gorgeous Serena. Speaking of Serena, she looked gorgeous while getting so much attention in a stunning steel gray.Zuhair Murad dress with a lace overlay. Elsewhere, Blair and Vanessa opted for floral and patterned floor-length frocks by Ralph Lauren and Christian Cota, respectively.

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