Having elderly parents can be a medical challenge and a lot of stress for the children. In fact some elderly parents seem to think life is about having the best doctors and their self worth is actually determined by the number of doctors and specialists that they see–a subject that deserves it’s own article.

My mother started having symptoms of an irritable stomach and bowel along with fatigue twenty years ago. I took her to a reputable iridologist (reads the iris of your eyes) who made dietary adjustments (removed fruit and sweets from her diet) and started her on various supplements. Seems that my mother’s diet got skewed–she prefers fruit to protein and after several years of overdoing it with fruit, it fueled her symptoms.

The dietary change and nutritional supplements got her back to normal for a few years until she once again began abusing her diet with coconut syrup and fruit. The symptoms were very similar to what she had before. By now the iridologist had moved away and I have to find another iridologist or a new physician for her. I didn’t live with my mother so I wasn’t privy to her diet but suspected her symptoms were diet related. She, on the other hand, was certain she had some kind of infection similar to what her mother died from fifteen years before.

Finally I found a doctor and took her for weekly visits. It was a twenty minute trip and I soon became frustrated. To cut to the chase I began sitting in on the visits and within two visits it became evident that my mother had a severe case of Candida Albicans. I guided the doctor into having her remove the coconut syrup, sweets, and fruit and within a month she was feeling better once again.


Three years later, my mother’s symptoms returned along with a urinary tract infection. The doctor we had seen was no longer in practice and we had to find another one. He was young and I hoped would be nutritionally oriented–he wasn’t. He ordered a ton of tests–upper and lower GI track which showed nothing. He treated her for the urinary tract infection with an antibiotic (as I expected) and she responded by having panic attacks in addition to all her other symptoms. Ultimately he decided she was suffering from depression and prescribed Prozac. She became more fatigued with more episodes of panic and continued stomach problems. I didn’t sit in on these sessions and in hind sight wish I had.

I suggested she look at her diet and again she was convinced she had an infection and needed to be hospitalized. Ultimately she got fed up with the depression diagnosis and we went searching for a nutritionally oriented physician. This time I decided I would accompany her in every session. With my direction, the doctor ordered tests to once again confirm the presence of Candida Albicans. Six months and a dozen doctor visits later, my mother’s panic symptoms were gone along with all stomach and GI track issues. However, the fatigue continued even after many nutritional supplements and chelation therapy with EDTA. My mother stayed away from sugar to the extent she believed herself to be diabetic–for a while, but her energy never returned.

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