Starting from May when Amazon Kindle DX was available, there are many Kindle users and even would-be Kindle owners that have wondered how much had overgone the “makeover” of Kindle 2 in the latest Amazon Kindle DX. It does not matter whether you are a Kindle user searching for an upgrade or a Kindle prospect, because you can now make a wise decision and choose the one that suits you best.

The comparison between Amazon Kindle DX and Kindle 2 offers you a quick and reliable reference that will help you decide upon the best Kindle.

The display

While the Kindle 2 features a 6″ diagonal screen, the Kindle DX’s features an auto-rotating screen with a 9.7″ diagonal screen. Besides the fact that Kindle DX’s are 2.5 times larger than you were used to, they also offer the possibility to choose between a landscape mode or portrait, by simply using the auto-rotative screen. In this way, the Kindle DX is definitely more suitable when you decide to read books, newspapers or any kind of material containing charts, tables or maps.


Choosing the Amazon Kindle DX you will enjoy an overall size of 10.4″ x 7.2″ x 0.38″, while in the case of Kindle 2 these measures are smaller: 8″ x 5.3″ x 0.36″. Even if both devices are as thin as almost any typical magazine with 0.3 inch deep, the Amazon Kindle DX reaches scales of 18.9 ounces while Kindle 2 only 10.2 ounces. Having this in mind, if you are planning to bring your e-book reader along, then the Kindle 2 is more portable.

Storage Capacity

In order to provide a good comparison between the two devices Amazon Kindle DX and Kindle 2, the storage capacity must be taken into consideration. Thus, the Kindle DX provides a 4GB internal memory- the double of 2GB capacity in the case of Kindle 2. In other words, with the Amazon Kindle DX you will be able to store almost 3,500 books while with Kindle 2 approximately 1,500 books.

Integrated PDF Support

When using Kindle 2, users encountered difficulties when it came to reading PFD files because it was required file conversion that was possible only through an email to Amazon. In addition, extra costs were incurred for this support, as a minimal fee. The great news is that with the Amazon Kindle DX you will be able to directly download the PDF files on your device because the PDF support is already integrated in the device.


The price is an important factor that must worth the value of the device in subject. In our case, you can purchase the Amazon Kindle DX with $489 while the Kindle 2 costs $359. Even if the price of the Kindle DX can affect you budget, it is perfect for those students and professionals that want to get rid of their heavy textbooks and choose a reliable device with PDF support.

Conclusions – Comparison between Amazon Kindle DX and Kindle 2

Even if Kindle 2 still remains affordable in terms of price and features, for those looking for the latest reading pleasure and more great features, the Amazon Kindle DX is the right solution. Still, the price is a determinant factor when making a decision, so it is advisable to weight the advantages and disadvantages in order to determine which device suits your needs best.

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