India is recording more and more COVID-19 cases as the days pass. New and deadlier strains of the virus are springing from all directions. This means we do not have any option but to stay in the safe confines of our homes. However, this does not mean you have to be devoid of essential healthcare during these difficult times. Contact RedHeal for any of your health issues and we will provide online consultation from the best specialists to you right from the safety and comfort of your homes.

Why RedHeal for Online Doctor Consultation?

In times of grave dangers like stepping out of the house and being amongst people, getting access to quality healthcare is a serious issue. However, that does not mean one must be deprived of it.

So, RedHeal devised a plan to bring healthcare to you through an Online Doctor Consultation. While there are many players in the market today who’ve claimed to connect you with the best doctors online, Here’s why you need to trust RedHeal’s Online Doctor Consultation with your health.

RedHeal has a dedicated team that caters to your every medical attention promptly over a call or email and guides you to the best medical expert based on your health condition.
Through Redheal’s Online Doctor Consultation, you also have access to a wide range of health experts and specialists, whom you may not be able to meet directly.
We ensure complete privacy and professional conduct of your health history and diagnosis.
Availing RedHeal’s Online Doctor Consultation is as simple as picking up your phone and dialing a call (to us), as we will be checking the availability of health experts based on your requirements and booking an appropriate time for you.
Unlike other Online Doctor Consultations, RedHeal charges a nominal and cost-effective fee.

Is Online Doctor Consultation reliable?

Yes, of course. Online Doctor Consultation is every bit as reliable as an in-person doctor consultation. Here are a few facts to know about Online Doctor Consultation:

An Online Doctor Consultation is arranged with live health experts either over a call or through video.
Since you get a professional diagnosis virtually, you do not risk yourself catching any illness by stepping out of your home.
Through Online Doctor Consultation, you have a better chance of identifying your symptoms and in turn, the root cause as healthcare service is very accessible as opposed to simply searching for a health remedy online.
All our Online Doctor Consultations come with a valid medical prescription that can be shown at any pharmacy to avail medicines.
Our Online Doctor Consultation also comes with a free 7-day follow-up post-consultation.
To add to RedHeal’s authenticity, we comply with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and also have certified by Startup India.

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