The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is just a shade larger, thicker and heavier than previous models such as the Kindle 4 – and remains very manageable for one-handed reading.

Buy Kindle Paperwhite. It’s great for highlighting text and navigating but makes it ridiculously easy to bump through pages by mistake – a ‘hold’ switch would make sense.

Cheap Kindle Paperwhite. Amazon has given the Kindle Paperwhite a new OS, which feels much more like a tablet operating system as opposed to the neutered and plain OSs on past devices.

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite aims to make light work of e-reading, with a new LED front-lit touchscreen giving the brightness of LCD without the eyestrain, reviewed.

Amazon is using the Paperwhite to launch the Kindle Lending Library in the UK (one free title every month) but there’s still no public library lending (one of the strongest features of Kindle’s competitors) and you can’t lend books to other Kindle users for 14 days, as in the US.

On the downside, we noticed occasional text ghosting, particularly on the borderline useless ‘experimental’ web browser, and our device crashed once during tests.

The Paperwhite is an excellent reader, probably the best I’ve used. Between the new display, the improved software and performance, great battery life, and Amazon’s massive book selection, there’s not much here to complain about. Some may nitpick the lack of a charger or the fact that you need to pay to opt out of advertising on the device — and those are negatives to be sure — but the overall picture is very clear. Amazon wants to make great reading devices for the masses, and with the Paperwhite, they just took the game to a whole new level.

In general, performance on the Paperwhite kind of surprised me. Compared to previous Kindle models and the rest of the competition, this reader just seems blazingly fast. I know that’s hard to imagine for E Ink, but while using the device I was consistently impressed by how snappy and responsive it was, never pausing, stalling, or blanking as I moved from function to function.

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