mark the arrival of the first fleet at Sydney Cove in 1788 and honours the achievements and contributions made by the natives towards the nation’s growth and status. The day is marked by festive energy and all the states and territories join hands to enjoy the day with parades, patriotic songs, fireworks, concerts and so on. It is the perfect opportunity for families to get together, for a barbecue, catch up with friends or even hit the road to make the most of the long summer. Sydney Harbour is ardent about this special occasion and people from around the world flock here during this time to witness the lively events and celebrations. Here are a couple of tips to own an Australia Day in Sydney.

Harbour Cruises, Sydney

The harbour gets busy hosting numerous events and parades and thousands of festive enthusiasts can be seen rushing into several spots to witness these events from the best possible angles. You can view them from several vantages throughout the harbour but the best way to catch all the action is to board an Australia Day cruise. Savour a delicious lunch prepared freshly by the onboard

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