Asbestos was widely used insulator across different industries prior to the linking of the dangerous effects were known. The substance can be found in electrical cords or found applied to concrete to insulate and office building between floors. It is important to have a Certified Asbestos Inspector test different surfaces for the presence of asbestos. The importance is amplified prior to any construction that may convert the material into a dangerous form that has lasting health risks.

The Certified Asbestos Inspector may take multiple samples from each surface and send the samples to a lab for testing. If any substance is a positive match for asbestos then a couple of options may be presented by the Asbestos Inspector for the next step.

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One recommendation may be for the immediate removal of the asbestos to ensure the health and safety of the people working in and around the area. Steps for removing asbestos are very specific and should be overseen by the Asbestos Inspector to ensure they are carried out properly. The area should be sealed off and have separate ventilation to ensure that once the removal starts, that other areas will not be contaminated by the particles that would float through the air. Specially designed bags or containers that are individually numbered will be filled with the hazardous substance. The numbering on each container will ensure each container is accounted for during transport. The bags will be loaded into a vehicle that was designed to transport the material to a facility for it to be stored. The storage facility will have made special preparations to be equipped to receive the hazard.

Another option may be to simply monitor the substance to ensure there are not health risk concerns and the asbestos is not being disturbed. The Asbestos Inspector would need to make periodic regular visits to inspect the hazard and ensure safety. Any person working in the area would need to be properly notified of the presence of the danger through a disclosure.

The health risks from Asbestos warrant having an area tested as a precaution. Permanent damage could be incurred and it is important to assess the situation. The Asbestos Inspector is trained to look for different areas for and forms of asbestos. Click hereto contact an Asbestos Inspector to have an area tested for asbestos. A detailed report may be compiled along with sample results and options for moving forward.

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