For every business, be it small or big, it is essential to mark its own identity that separates it from others. While there are a number of marketing and branding efforts that help create a distinct image in the mind of the consumers, a logo design is the most prominent one out of all.


It just takes 400 milliseconds to process the design elements in the visual cortex of our brains.

A logo is the first point of contact with your customers. It symbolizes your business, communicates the brand’s message to the viewers, and helps you achieve the desired image in the mind of the consumer. In this article, we highlight the reasons why small businesses require custom logo designs.

1. Convey Brand Emotion
According to research, about 80% increase is recorded in brand recognition with a colored logo design. Colors are a fundamental part of our lives. They evoke emotions and instigate the viewers to perceive the brand in a positive image.

By fashioning a colorful logo, you can communicate specific emotions and feelings to your customers. Take a lesson from some of the most successful brands in the world. The green of the Starbucks logo hints at eco-friendly fields of coffee, while the red of the Netflix logo indicates excitement and energy. Make a strategic decision today and reap the benefits tomorrow!

2. Attain a Professional Look

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A business without a logo does not look legit or professional.

A logo design lends depth, weight, meaning, and reliability to your business. It attracts the consumers towards the brand. Without an iconic logo design, the business is forced to use plain wordmark to represent its brand.

How does a plain wordmark distinguish your brand from the competition?

An iconic logo design separates your business from amateurs and highlights your professionalism. When consumers look for your brand, they look for qualities and attributes that make a brand reliable and stable.

This feeling of reliability, trust, and integrity is conveyed through an iconic logo design. So, it does not matter what type of logo design you go for, just make sure it looks professional and represents your brand to the most authentic form.

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